Cantine aperte is a national event taking place every year the last Sunday of May. All around Italy wineries that are members of “Movimento Turismo del Vino”, an association promoting wine tourism, will open their doors and organize various events concerning wine.

Puglia is famous for its wines and in 2013 the review Wine Enthusiast chose to include Puglia in the world’s top wine destinations. With its 8 D.O.C. wines (Alezio DOC, Copertino DOC, Galatina DOC, Leverano DOC, Matino DOC, Nardò DOC, Salice Salentino DOC, Squinzano DOC), Salento is home to 23 wineries that take part to the event Cantine Aperte, under the motto “Vedi cosa bevi!”, see what you drink. Movimento Turismo del Vino proposes 10 itineraries of wineries in Puglia, and 6 of them cover Salento area. You can use your own car, take one of the free “winebuses” offered by Puglia Region, take part to bicycle tours, or reach the wineries with other wine lovers through carpooling.

Each vinery organizes various events, all aimed to show how wine is made, following the process from grapes to bottles. You can decide to take part to a tour of vineyards, and enjoy the view of vines that at the end of May are usually flowering. Winery masters will then guide you into the winery and explain the process of wine making, showing you barrels and machineries. You will then taste different types of wine and some of the wineries organize also brief lessons of wine tasting. Some wineries organize also expositions where they will explain you the history of their winery and their family tradition.

Of course you can visit Salento’s wineries anytime of the year but if you join this event you will also meet other wine lovers and enjoy wine in a festive atmosphere. Moreover, this period of the year is relatively calm for wine masters and they will take their time to chat with you and explain everything you want to know about wine. We also recommend this event because the end of May is a good time to be outside in the vineyards: you can enjoy Salento’s pleasant spring weather before the high temperatures of summer arrive in the area.