〜 How to reach Salento 〜



 The only airport located in Salento area is Brindisi (BDS)。You can also use Bari Airport (BRI), located in the region capital, Bari. You will reach the area with a 1 hour flight from Rome or Milan. Both airports are served by Alitalia and LC airlines. 
If you plan to visit Lecce and the Salento area, we recommend Brindisi Airport, for its location. Bari airport is located about 150km north of Lecce, but could be a good option if you plan to sightsee also the nothern part of the region.

access alitalia 


 access Frecciargento


From Rome (Termini Station) you can take the high speed train Frecciargento by Trenitalia, and reach Lecce Station in about 5 hours and half. The cost is about 60 euros, and it runs 3 times a day. 


Another option is to reach Lecce from Milan. You can take the high speed train Frecciabianca during the daytime (about 100 euros), or you can dedecide to take the night train Intercitynotte (about 70 euros). Anyway, compared to Rome, it’s a long journey : even witht the high speed train, you will need about 9 hours to reach Lecce. We recommend this option only if you really love trains!

In both cases, Lecce is the final station of the line, and you don’t need to bother changing trains. 

 Check Trenitalia website for more info about trains.